““Thanks to Zannah Hultén”
Erik Hassle

“Zannah, what would I have done without you? Kisses”
Maja, The Sounds

“Zannah! Thank you sugar, for all your help!”
Nina Persson, The Cardigans

ThankYou! Zannah Songacademy!
Chris Fibes, Oh Fibes

“Special thanks to Suzanna Hultén, not only giving me lessons in singing but also about life!”

Zannah – Thank you for being there.
Anthony Kiedis RHCP

“Zannah, thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world, my love to you always”
Larry Johnson, The Temptations

To Zannah – Thank you!
Wei Wei

“Zannah! My sun in wintertime!!”
Linda Sundblad

“Dear Zannah, much love, hugs and kisses for you. I’m so glad that I found you!!!”
Jessica Folcker

“I’m very thankful to everyone who has been involved in the making of this album… Suzannah…”

“Thank you Zannah – with love”
Emma Essinger

“Thank you thank you thank you Zannah!!! Finally I got some control over my voice Big hug”
Petra Marklund September

“Thank you for all my new knowledge Zannah!!

“To Zannah with all my love!! Without you I don’t know where I’d been”

“I’m really grateful for Suzanna’s patience with me - I guess that dedication feeds dedication.”
Therése Neaimé

“Zannah, thank you for bringing out what I always had inside!”
Jennifer Brown

“Thank you for everything Zannah! Without you I’m nothing!”
Babben Larsson

“Zannah. Thank you for making me understand what it’s all about! God Bless”
Louise Hoffsten

“Zannahste! How do I write thank you to the person who has given me my voice?”
Jenny Berggren, Ace of Base

“To miss M. Suzanna! Thanks from an impatient student!”
Johan Renck, Stakka Bo

“Suzanna, your help has played a big part. I can’t thank you enough! Hugs and kisses”
Awa Manneh

“Thank you Zannah! From Puck”
Ola Salo, The Ark