Music professionals, artists and vocalists turn to Zannah for results.

Our teaching aims at leading the singer to his or her personal goal.

We support in making the right vocal choices to provide the artist with knowledge, experience and techniques to be able to develop their own expression.

1. Analysis
Analyse background and present situation. Understand personal drive and set goals accordingly.

2. Strategy

Define the most effective way to reach individual goals and working plan to keep up best performance; long term as well as in demanding stress situations.

3. The Method
Zannah has the knowledge of many different vocal techniques and applies them depending on the artists past, present situation and the individually set goals. Her methods apply to any type of music and artist.

One of Zannahs special techniques is an adaption of the Ebba Nilsdotter method where tongue stretch and massage is a way to recover damages from vocal stress and fatigue.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation
The artists development is permanently monitored and the work schedule adapted according to his or her progress.