Erik Hassle comes from the swedish town Katrineholm and landed a global contract with Island Reciords this year.(2009)His first album just got released and will be followed up with an extensive tour, among others through Europes festivals.

This is your first summer on tour. What do you expect?
That the band and I will have as much fun as we hope we will have. We have really high expectiations to rock’n’roll life! We are all only around twenty, it will be amazingly fun.
But it will also be hard work. We have a pretty tight schedule with many and long trips - and on top of that I will go back to London 6-7 times to play in important places.

How do you prepare?

My vocal coach Zannah helps me to work with my voice muscles constantly, which I absolutely need because my songs are vocally very intense. On top of that I have a small program of push ups and sit ups for my vocal cords that I follow every day and before I go on stage. I am also on a special diet so I don’t get sick

Any artist you don’t want to miss this summer?

White Lies in Hultsfred

Interview by SONIC, Pierre Hellqvist