2009-05-28 21:30:48 - The Voice

Half a year ago I heard about more and more singers who were completely losing their voices because of bad technique.

Not much different than wear out injuries on knees from running in wrong shoes.

I started realizing that most singers around me actually took lessons regularly while I was still a little childishly proud of being a self educated singer.

I used to tell the vocal teachers I met throughout the years that I had found ”my own expression” and was not in need of any technical training.

But I did panic thinking about eventually losing my voice and not being able to sing anymore.

At about the same time I got introduced to Zannah Hultén, who had run Song Academy for many years and I knew had an amazing list of references (e.g. The Temptations, Anthony Kiedis). The first time I met Zannah I thought she was a little spaced out but completely wonderful. She talked about the importance of massaging the tongue every day with a little wet towel, the bodys different chakras and made me bounce around in the room like a child.

All of the above has today become a part of my daily routine and I am addicted to meeting Zannah regularly to shape up and develop.

She has helped me like nothing else during the recording of my album and is my ultimate hero. I could go on with this homage to Zannah for hours but I need to stop now and take a train to a Fibes rep in Gothenborg.

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